The Ohio Coin Machine Association speaks as the united voice for Ohio's coin machine operators and acts as a unifying body to deal with matters affecting the industry.

OCMA is a collective effort by all of its members to work together to benefit the organization, individual members, and the general public. To attain these goals, OCMA:
  • Monitors needs, trends and activities in the industry in Ohio and nationally.
  • Identifies and determines organizational policy on legislation and litigation affecting its members and, as an organization, presents its views to the appropriate legislative and/or other governmental bodies.
  • Sets and maintains a code of ethics and participates in many civic and charitable events in local communities.
  • Provides a forum, through meetings and publications, where members can exchange ideas and information on increasing profitability and developing a sense of community within the industry.
  • Maintains a vigorous public relations program to inform the public of the role of the industry in local communities, and its commitment to ethical practices.
  1. To be ever mindful of the important role our industry plays in the life of the community.
  2. To recognize that our industry has a responsibility to maintain the highest possible standards in order to properly serve the public.
  3. To deal openly and honestly with our customers and the general public at all times.
  4. To work with public officials and government agencies and to comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to our industry.
  5. To compete fairly and ethically, thereby making our industry more efficient by promoting the greatest possible service to the public.
  6. To faithfully execute all contracts and to conduct our business in such a manner as to generate the confidence and respect of fellow operators, customers, manufacturers, suppliers and the general public.

2014-2015 Officers

President – David A. George (Bell Music Co. - Akron)

Vice President – Michael A. Zappa (Lorain Music - Crestline)

Secretary – Jason Musser (J & S Electronics - Wapakoneta)

Treasurer – Rodney Stebelton (Stebelton Music - Lancaster)

Board Chair – Andy Shaffer (Shaffer Services - Columbus)

2014-2015 Board of Directors

Luke Adams (Pioneer Vending - Cincinnati)

James Bremer (Bremer Vending - Toledo)

James Comella (Cadillac Music - Cleveland)

Phillip Elum (Elum Music - Massillon)

Dewey Laughlin (Laughlin Music - Athens)

Kerry Shaffer (Shaffer Amusements - Dayton)

Patrick Webb (City Amusement - Portsmouth)

Executive Director – Judith Martin

Past Presidents (click here)

2014 OCMA Membership Roster (click here)